A Grade Super White Mug, Printing with American Inks, Life of Photo is 9 to 10 Years.
B Grade White Mug, Printing with Indian Inks, Life of Photo 4 to 5 Years - Zestpics
C Grade Light Cream Mug, Printing with Chinese Inks, Life of Photo is less than one year - Zestpics
Difference between A Grade, B Grade & C Grade Photo Bulk Mugs-Zestpics
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      A photo mug is the perfect way to show off your photos or excellent designs that you love and enjoy your beverage at the same time!

      This mug is completely white on the inside and outside

      It is also a great gift for any occasion. Customize this mug with your photographs, designs, logos or wacky one-liners and create your unique mug


      A Grade

      B Grade

      C Grade


      Super White


      Light Cream


      American Inks

      Indian Inks

      Chinese Inks

      Life of Photo on Mug

      9 to 10 Years

      4 to 5 Years

      Less than 1 Year

      Microwave Safe




      Dishwasher Safe




      Product Details:

      • Capacity - 300 ml
      • Material - Ceramic
      • Minimum Qty for B Grade & C Grade Mugs are 100 Nos 
      • Customization - Use your photos/designs and customize further with our beautiful templates, design elements and custom text

      We are committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining a safe and secure online shopping service.

      Privacy of your photos Your photos are your memories. Your memories are secure with Zestpics.

      When ordering prints and gifts, our manufacturing team will have access to your photos and we visually inspect each item before packaging and shipping them.

      Your photos belong to you! We strongly believe that all rights of a photo uploaded to Zestpics rest with you. We do not use any customer photos for any purpose without your express, prior, written permission.

      • Images and other data provided for gifts are strictly confidential.
      • Your payment details are highly secure. We use one of the best payment gateways.
      • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support.
      • If you have any problem with your order, you can reach us very easily via online chat option, call us on 9676444486, email us at care@zestpics.com.
      • Quality name brand for all personalised gifts. You will love our products.
      • Tons of satisfied customers.
      • We are loyal to our customers and we confront to our promises.
      • The best materials and extensive quality control, for top of the line products.
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
      • We honour values and give high priority to ethics.
      • We source pristine gifting ideas from all around the world and make it available for you to create memories with your loved ones.
      • Our product range is ever increasing and we try to bring them to you at the best prices.
      • Value for money is given importance while selecting the quality and price of our products.
      • Everyone that uses our products, come back for more. We must be doing something right!



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