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Photo Booth - Selfie Booth - Hash Tag Printing

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Made in 🇮🇳 India!

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    From intimate weddings to large corporate events, turn your guests Instagram and Twitter pictures into stylish prints complete with your events branding in seconds!


    Put a photo booth in all your guests’ hands! Hashtag Printer is a beautifully designed, social media hashtag printer for your event. Instagram or Twitter a photo, tag it with your event hashtag, and Hashtag Printer will print it seconds later (no wires, no extra software). It’s like magic!

    We do Instant/Live Photo Printing at events, birthday parties, wedding ceremony, corporate events, social gathering, engagement ceremony, reception, kitty parties, etc., 'Live' photography solutions by our experienced photographers, merging technology and photography to create the most memorable and beautiful experience for you and your guests.

    Branded Prints

    We custom design all prints so that users walk away with a keepsake that includes your event/ marketing message

    Unlimited Printing

    With our top-of-the-line printers, there's no limit to the number of pics you take or prints you get, Size 4x6 inches


    Hashtag Printer is dead simple to use. Take a photo with your smartphone and, if you like, sweeten it up with a filter… then you’re ready to go!

    TAG IT

    Once you’ve taken your photo, upload it to Instagram or Twitter and tag it with your event hashtag. The magic begins once the photo is uploaded.


    Once your photo has been uploaded and hashtagged… boom! Like magic, your photo will print out from the Hashtag Printer (with all your fancy branding and design wizardry around it).

    It’s that simple. Shoot it, tag it, print it.

    • 4"x6" Photo Print
    • Printed on High Quality Digital Photo Printer
    • Photo print is water proof, stain proof & scratch resistant
    • We can produce 200 prints in an hour
    • We can also imprint your branding or messages on the photos for before printing them out, giving your guests a truly personalized and meaningful memento of the evening.

    How to upload photos?

    Kindly place the order without uploading pics/ text & send photos/ text to along with the order I'd in the subject of the mail.

    Our design team will send you the preview before production - if there are any changes you can suggest them and our team will redesign & send it again - on your approval only we will print & courier it...

    Happy Gifting!

    Love, Team Zestpics❤️