Awesome Return Gift Ideas For Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Nov 29, 2018

If you are planning your child’s first birthday party, then you will soon hear about this concept called “return gifts”. Since this was not a popular practice when we were growing up, let us break this down for you. The simple days of organizing a party where all you needed to worry about was food and drinks are long gone. Nowadays, apart from food and drinks, you need a birthday theme, decorations and cake in line with the theme, entertainment ideas ranging from magicians to tattoo artists and finally an awesome return gift idea that will ensure the guests do not stop talking about the party for days.

Awesome Return Gift Ideas For Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

There are complaints out there about how “useless” most of the return gifts are. This is because there will be anywhere between 10 to 30 kids in a birthday party and if you allocate even Rs.500 per return gift, the overall cost can go up by Rs.15000. So most parents stick to something that can be done within a lower denomination, such as Rs.100. And the toys you get for this amount often render useless or broken within days (if not hours). Anyway, haters will be haters. So, sit back and read about 10 awesome return gift ideas we love!

1. Instant Photo Mugs (Photo Booth)

Customised mugs are endearing and can always make you go aww! Customization can be on the theme of the party or have your baby’s name and a quote. These can even be personalized gifts for the first birthday party. Each mug can be engraved or labelled either by the name of the child who receives it or by the name of the family invited!

2. Instant Photo Frames (Photo Booth)

 You can get customized photo frame for any theme. You can take instant photo & add to the personalized photo frame. So that kids can always see themselves

3. Instant Photo Prints (Photo Booth)

Take instant photos with a polaroid of the children. Keep a photoshoot corner where photos are taken. Have some props ready such as a crown, pirate hat and, a wand. Take instant photos, create the excitement and give them with a thank you card. Your birthday bash will be remembered forever.

4. Instant Photo Fridge Magnets (Photo Booth)

The fridge magnets are wonderful memories. You can get something customized to your theme or, get the name of your child and the meaning of that name on a magnet. E.g.: ‘Krish’ can have a flute or peacock feather magnet with the name on it.