Everything about Promotional Mugs

Nov 15, 2018

Show off your company pride with every sip with our promotional mugs. Whether you’re looking for a ceramic mug, we've got something for everyone. Personalize with your logo and put your brand on display.

Promotional mugs when compared with other forms of advertising they are exceptionally great value for money. A well designed mug can remain on a potential clients desk for many months if not even years so the return on investment for this form of marketing is truly fantastic.

Printed mugs are one of the most common items purchased by those who wish to promote their business. There are many reasons for the enduring popularity of mugs, not least of which is their affordability. Whilst luxury promotional items certainly have their place in a strong marketing campaign, for many new or smaller businesses, the cost of these goods is simply too high. In such cases, mugs are the perfect alternative; their cost-effectiveness allows entrepreneurs to buy them in large quantities, which in turn means that they are better able to spread the word about their business.

In addition to being affordable, mugs are a consistent favourite with business owners due to the fact that they are used by almost everyone. Indians are known for their love of tea and coffee, and virtually every workplace and household in the India has at least a few mugs in its canteen or kitchen. As such, regardless of which demographic a business owner intends to target, they can still opt for printed mugs when advertising their enterprise, safe in the knowledge that the recipients will appreciate and make use of their promotional gifts.

In terms of what type of mug to buy, the first and perhaps most important consideration is the material from which the item is made. This will determine the cost, durability and visual appeal of the mug and as such, it's important to choose carefully. The two most popular options are ceramic and bone china; the former are a favourite amongst those in need of a budget-friendly promotional product, whilst the latter are usually preferred by business owners looking for a more luxurious item.

Ceramic styles like the Cambridge Mug tend to be very durable, which makes them perfect for everyday use, as they can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Their robustness also means that they are likely to last for several years, and thus provide the brand they're advertising with long-term exposure. Bone china mugs are equally durable but have the added advantage of having a very high perceived value, which means that they are ideal for those who want to really impress potential customers. Bone china mugs also have a very traditional, elegant appearance, which makes them particularly suitable for businesspeople who require promotional products for formal dining events, and other special occasions

Mugs can really be a powerful item in promoting a business. Mugs are very useful an almost everyone regardless of gender uses it. Mugs can also be use either at home or at the office. It can also be brought on travels which mean a great exposure for a business or brand.