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    Premium Paracord Friendship Band

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      When you have to express your love for your best friend what can be more special than giving him/her a personalized gift? Zestpics brings for you and your friend personalized friendship bands. Friendship Day is a day to celebrate Friendships! Impress your friend with your thoughtfulness! See our customized friendship bands 

      A good friendship lasts forever and there is no better way to show it than with the Personalized Friendship Bands from Zestpics.

      Celebrate The Bond Of Friendship by our Personalized Friendship Bands

      Zestpics has developed paracord bracelets with a piece of a printable metal sheet on the top, giving outdoor exercise fans the opportunity of taking the picture of their families with them.

      Paracord, or parachute cord, was originally used for parachuting. Being sound in extension, the survival bracelet is designed with strong usefulness and popular. The paracord strand is durable enough to hold the strength of 550 lbs (or 250kg). In an emergency, the bracelet can be easily undone to a piece of 4-meter long strand, making it a great tool for outdoor use.

      Product Details:

      • Length: 24.5cm; 4m after releasing
      • Material - Premium quality polyester band
      • Made of strong polyester material
      • Widely used in outdoor rescue and survival
      • The cord is strong enough to hold the weight of an adult
      • Customization - Customize with your Friend’s photo
        We are committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining a safe and secure online shopping service. Privacy of your photos Your photos are your memories. Your memories are secure with Zestpics. When ordering prints and gifts, our manufacturing team will have access to your photos and we visually inspect each item before packaging and shipping them. Your photos belong to you! We strongly believe that all rights of a photo uploaded to Zestpics rest with you. We do not use any customer photos for any purpose without your express, prior, written permission.

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