Difference between Canvas Painting (Gallery Wrapped Canvas) & Digital Painting (Photo Frame)

Canvas is a fabric a kind of cloth, which is used by the artist for hand painting
As it's a fabric, it consumes 10 times more colours/ ink form a normal photo paper.
Hence Canvas is far superior and premium when compared to the photo frame.

Here in Digital Painting, the senior artist will paint your photograph digital & we print on High-Quality Photo Canvas.
As Canvas is a fabric, we can't make a photo frame, so we stretched the Canvas to wooden and we pin it to make Gallery Wrapped Canvas, which is ready to hand on the wall.

Where as in Photo Frame, the same digital paint will be printed on normal photo paper and then we do matt lamination which is ready to hang on a wall.

Difference Video

Canvas Painting

  • Size: A4, Small Gallery Wrapped Canvas | Zestpics

    Size: A4, Small Canvas

  • Size: A3, Medium Gallery Wrapped Canvas | Zestpics

    Size: A3, Medium Canvas

  • Size: A2, Large Gallery Wrapped Canvas | Zestpics

    Size: A2, Large Canvas

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