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Light Photo Frame

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Engrave your precious moment picture in a led frame to make a unique, beautiful, and memorable gift. It makes a stunning statement with this dignified three lights Effect (White light, Daylight & Warm light. Your photo is professionally engraved inside the led frame where the image appears to float inside the frame like a hologram.

Material: Acrylic Background, Multi-color LED, Wooden Base for a stand.

Size: H-8"x W-6"x4.4" inches.

Colour Details: Wooden base in Light Brown / Cream colour, LED in White light, Daylight & Warm colour effect.

Personalisation: Option to personalise with any Text, Number or Symbol (example: company logo, name, tagline, date, phone number, etc.) using the advance laser engraving technology.

Graphic Details Required from Buyer: Option to personalise either with Photo or Design using the Laser Engraving Machine.

Non Changeable Pattern or Details:
• Engraving will be done only on Acrylic Surface.
• Engraving will be done only on one side.

Technical Specs: External power supply required, two pin plug with USB output &USB adapter with ON/OFF switch.

How to upload photos?

Kindly place the order without uploading pics/ text & send photos/ text to along with the order I'd in the subject of the mail.

Our design team will send you the preview before production - if there are any changes you can suggest them and our team will redesign & send it again - on your approval only we will print & courier it...

Happy Gifting!

Love, Team Zestpics❤️

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